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Here with ate Ro in the carwash at our subdivision to interview the manager for ate ro’s school work.

Can’t believe their services. I’ve realized that carwash is not just a simple business wherein the only job is to wash cars. They also have other kind of services. Oh, I forgot some of the names of the services they offered. Haha.. well.!
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Meet my friend, Ferzie. She’s kind and fun to be with. and..
This is what happen when you’re addicted to Instagram and have one on your phone. 
Smiles.. :D
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I haven’t been posting pictures for my July blog lately since i’m too lazy to to do it. I’m sorry guys.. but now I’ll post all of them back to where i’ve stopped up until today.

BTW I only used my phone to capture memories so, don’t expect it to have a good quality such as the dslr’s cameras. Okay?


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I'm Rea a Digital Art student of Letran. I have big dreams for myself especially for my family. I have a crazy moody personality. I draw, paint, digitilize for short I make artworks masterpiece. I love fashion and design clothes especially dresses. I dream of being a photographer. I once dream of being a pastry chef, up until now actually, I love having to see pastries that would actually melt my eyes and grind my teeth. I have a sweet tooth, that explains why i love pastries and sweets. I'm also addicted to jk-pop dramas especially anime. Watching anime felt like i'm one of the character that do things that inspire them. And last but not the least I super love to sing, I sing everyday, all the time but too shy to even show it. Music is the other half of my life or personality.Now, I will do my best to change all of that for the one's i love.

My motto is:
"No matter what the odds, Never Give Up!" - originally from the anime The Prince of Tennis. (the first time i heard it i fell in love and use it)